With a few simple techniques and a change in your mindset, you could be happier and healthier in no time!


Meet Dr. Leesa


I'm Leesa Haire. I am a Registered Pharmacist, with a Doctorate in Naturopathy or natural therapies. I am so blessed to be doing exciting work in the field of natural health. You might ask, how did I get here? After years of working in hospitals and retail pharmacy settings, it became obvious that our standard of care was not keeping people healthy. Now don't get me wrong - there is a time and place for our prescription drugs, but they work best when we are sick. This is such a dilemma.

Who wants to be sick? Given a choice, none of us do. Working with natural therapies, I am able to address a proactive plan to improve or maintain HEALTH with my clients.

Why make the natural choice?

I’ve been on both sides of the health spectrum. I've worked in a pharmacy and have seen, first hand, people repeatedly filling prescriptions without improving their health. Some prescriptions are necessary, but what if there was a better option? Do we really need a cabinet full of prescriptions? Pills have side effects and lead to problems that may exacerbate your original problem. Sound familiar? Health is a process. It’s based on our daily choices,not a pill. Living the best way we can, free from chemicals, eating whole, organic foods, and lots of exercise, are the foundation to build health.

Unfortunately, in our very polluted world, with a food supply that is subjected to pesticides and genetic modification, this is no easy task. I spend a considerable amount of time finding the best nutrition, supplements and essentials oils to use for purity and potency. (My pharmacy is a plus)

The good news is, that there are outstanding products available to support a healthy lifestyle. You can click on my supplement store, Dr. Leesa Haire's Dispensary or the essential oils website for the highest quality support in natural products.

Hi, I'm Doctor Leesa!

Who wants to be sick? Given a choice, none of us do. Working with natural therapies, I am able to address a proactive plan to improve or maintain HEALTH with my clients.

Wellness Scans

Do you ever feel like your emotions have you hijacked? Repetitive thinking, anxiousness, depression, and a host of other feelings can prevent you from seeing your current reality. Really! We are what we think whether it’s an accurate perception of what is taking place or not.

That is where perception reframing comes in. It’s a technique to break through a narrow view to a whole new perspective on the subject. What’s even better the answer comes from you! No talk therapy, spilling your private business, or hearing someone else’s solution or values. The peace we feel when we solve a problem comes from within and this technology taps in to help you find that solution.

If you have some issues to solve (and who doesn’t) sign-up for an Evox session and see your solutions open up to you.

For appointments: contact@theallnaturalpharmacist.com or call (850) 733-7017

Essential Oils

I can’t lie, I absolutely love essential oils! Want to know why? Let me share a quick point. I worked for 25 years as a pharmacist and NOBODY likes to swallow pills. So what’s the alternative, swipe a few drops of oils with their powerful health properties on the skin or just inhale. How easy is that?